Love Sense

The Hu-man physical body is made from the Earth Elements: Air, Water, Earth and Fire.

The Human body’s life essence or force is drawn from the Ether (or Q-field) and the Field is the vibration force of Love.

The Sixth Sense is the ability to become love in action, by integrating the Elements of the Earth that make up the body.

Our purpose as Hu-man is to evolve individually and collectively; create a better man that engages and creates a better world.

We share what we love, and Consciousness is sharable. Consciousness is the communication of Love.

Through our conscious communication with our base elements: Air, Earth, Fire, Water and Ether within our body, we remember the language of energy Vislingua, the language of targeted Love.


In the Love Sense Symbol, four circles meet at a center point, creating four petals representing the four foundational elements for man or human body.

Air: gray circle and Mental Body.  Water as a blue circle and Emotional Body.  Earth a green circle and Physical Body.  Fire a red circle and Energy Body.  A centered spiral or movement of vibration or energy, emanating and surrounding all by an open heart.

The heart shaped arrow and bullseye represents Love, or The Field unfolding with the energy of the Heart, always on target.