About THATVibe Life

Our mission:

To create a “Subversive Movement of Consciousness”...

To be subversionary is to undermine an established or existing system…

The system we undermine is the Separation/Fear/ Drama program of control…

We are Light Bringers and Light Sharers…. Let there be Light!

THAT light is here.


The name THATVibe Life is based on the Energy and Frequency of “I am THAT I AM” or in Hebrew “ehyeh asher ehyeh” for Asher or THAT.  THAT is what our journey in this reality is about; a journey to discover what is THAT which defines us.

Only when we take the journey into THAT can we truly embrace and define I AM.

The Symbols are part of a vibrational programming language called Vislingua, a word constructed and received from the TEAM (Teachers, Elementals, Angels and Masters) based in two root words from Latin: "Vis" meaning energy and "Lingua" meaning tongue or language.

The Symbols have been used since 2011 on individuals through energy sessions targeting Consciousness Evolution with very successful results. Now the Vislingua Symbols are being made available through utilitarian methods that yield the same intended Consciousness/Intent/Evolution results.

Every product is a vehicle to carry the picture of an Intention that will set a Frequency on the Electromagnetic Field of the Carrier, an intent to be shared with the Observer.

This is how we program ourselves and environment’s Energy Fields with Intent.

This is how we energetically or subversively have a purposeful conversation with each other and The Collective; a sharing The Universe or Quantum Field supports. 

YEL is the spirit given name for the Mystic, as an Bioenergetic Programmer, receiver of the Vislingua mode of communication through symbols.

Willy Cee is the spirit given name for the Symbolic Digital Translator of the vibrational symbols from Vislingua.