Flowering of Hope and Trust

Relationships are the backbone of life. Thriving in life is a result of healthy and stable core relationships. Core relationships are those that affect our every day, whether through physical interactions or thoughts communication. Who we talk to or think about every day are core relationships, and these relationships need to be healthy and balanced if we want to not just live, but thrive.

The two main vibrations that need to be present in these core relationships are Hope and Trust. Even if the relationship hits a roadblock, having Hope opens the space for the possibility of a resolution or betterment, and we Trust that it will be so.

THATVibe Life Symbol of Seed in Hope and Trust is the representation of a healthy core relationship where Trust and Hope go hand-and-hand and its benefit is acquiring the vibration for stable and healthy core relationships.

Hope is the vibration that opens possibilities.  It is a seed of evolutionary expansion, and Trust is the life energy that ignites the growth of that seed.

If we are distrustful, we close avenues The Universe can use for the transference of information.  We cancel options.  We are closed to growth.  We don’t have Hope. If we don’t have Hope all possibilities seem like unattainable dreams; and by the laws of magnetism or attraction, possibilities will then be unattainable which reinforces the lack of Trust.

The opening vibration is Hope, which is given or inherent in the HU-man as an aspect of Love, the base frequency in The Universe hence also The Q-Field. Everything is Love being unfold.

In THATVibe Life Symbol for “Flowering of Hope and Trust”, love or the Q-field is represented as the totality of the Pink Heart.

Accessing the Hope within is always available if we reach for it.  It is represented as the fully filled pink hand for it takes a hand full of Love to find Hope inside.

The simple act of reaching out to find Hope inside attracts the vibration of Trust, for without Trust there would be no new creations. Trust is represented in the Symbol as the Transparent Hand, one of neutrality to what can fill it.

When Hope and Trust go hand and hand they sprout growth in any relationship, especially in one with The Self.  It is a growth that flowers into a continuous movement of the infinite unfolding of Consciousness and Divine connection, represented by the plant on The Earth and spiral on top.  The Lotus with Infinity Core, and above it all the Ohm or unity of electrical resistance, results in unity with the ALL.

The solution to this riddle is this…“Hope is given; Trust is earned”.