Vislingua is a word constructed and received from the TEAM (Teachers, Elementals, Angels and Masters) based in two root words from Latin: “Vis” meaning Energy and Lingua meaning tongue or Language.

Symbols energetic information and description:

THATVibe Life’s Shamanic Alchemy Symbols are a build-upon energy construct from combinations of ancient symbols that already exist within our Unconscious mind either through exposure in this Life or other lifetimes.

As a Symbol gains prominence within a culture, it gets imbedded in the Subconscious and passed down to the next generation through oral and genetic information.  The work of Biophysicists and Molecular Biologists has proven that the DNA molecule a much superior biological internet that can be accessed and changed trough words and frequencies. Also, the age of the symbol and its spread radius determine the strength of the words that are associated with the Symbol. 

We can find very similar looking symbols in different cultures around the world; symbols created before Man was able to cross vast seas to unknown continents and return to their point of departure, to then spread the knowledge acquired from these distant places.  Yet the fact that they exist lead us to the most logical conclusion: through time, some HU-mans had and have the ability to tap into (or receive) information from a collective stream of information (Consciousness) outside of themselves and their own understanding and knowledge.

Since The Universe is composed of information as we are, then, all information has to be available to those that can reach or match the frequency of the information.  This is The :aw of Resonance.

THATVibe Life Symbols combine the energy or frequency of ancient symbols and merges them into a new configuration and combination with new symbols, created before and after our current digital age that has made information more readily available  and wide ranging; something that in the past took hundreds of years if not millennia’s. This is the reason why new symbols that have been shared in the worldwide web have such strength today.

THATVibe Life symbols are new in that context, unique for the energetic necessities of our times.  The time prophesied by many, when an old world of Separatism Consciousness would end, and a new HU-man would emerge as an evolved better version in communion with ALL THAT IS.

This time is here; it is NOW.

THATVibe Life symbols are being received or downloaded for this evolutionary purpose.  We include our past through these ancient symbols and create the new earth symbols of inclusion….

Let there Be Light!