Gyroscope of Stability in Matter Dog Tag
Gyroscope of Stability in Matter Dog Tag

Gyroscope of Stability in Matter Dog Tag

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We find ourselves at this moment in history with very unstable times.  In times of collective instability, it is imperative for awakened ones to stabilize themselves first, and in doing so, help restore stability for the Collective.

According to PCT (Perceptual Control Theory), the only way to stabilize an unstable system is through modifying a behavior which shifts perception.
A symbol can be a modifier; a way to shift perception and behavior.

A Gyroscope is a device used for maintaining orientation as well as an internal guiding system.

THATVibe Life’s Gyroscope for Stability in Matter is a representation of core stability for the HU-man’s body electromagnetic system.

The stable magnetic field created by the gyroscope imprints through the user’s Intent of Consciousness where the environment becomes irrelevant; no matter how choppy or dissonant is the field you find yourself in.  The Gyroscope stabilizes the HU-man’s Core. It allows for energetic coherence; giving the user the ability to stay clear with decision-making, even under stress, as well as be able to retain coordination, lucidity, and even peace in any environment or circumstance.

Gyroscope from ancient Greek meaning Circle. The circle represents the encapsulation of a process as a cell.
Two inner circles crisscross-orbit each other, one representing Light and the other Love; the two main components of the Universe as a stable environment.

In the center is a square, representing Matter tipped on an axis becoming the diamond or octahedron shape; a representation of an activated Higher Consciousness within the HU-man.  The stable Core of Higher Consciousness is flanked by two other diamonds that blend Love and Light at the Core.

The two field anchors at each side of the Gyroscope are Poseidon (or Neptune’s Blue Trident) representing the archetypal forces of the Male psyche and its ability to embody magnetic flow, and the purple Quora (or pitchfork) that represent psychology (also the Greek letter Psi as the mathematical representation of the wave function of elementary particles). This letter represents the ability of the female energy within the HU-man to have a psychic connection and emotional ability to stabilize a field.  

“Core stability shifts behaviors into new perceptions.”  -YEL

Wearing your Dog Tags will create a vibrational signature to send out the frequencies of their Intent.

"Awareness is Self-Empowerment." -YEL

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