Mesentery Activation Dog Tag
Mesentery Activation Dog Tag

Mesentery Activation Dog Tag

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Gut sensations have been discovered to originate from an Organ recently recognized in 2015. This Organ is called the Mesentery, and it is being understood as a Second Brain.

Through the recognition of this Organ and its function, we bring Awareness to ourselves and others about the sensations in The Gut as the way the body translates information into feelings, which create the chemistry for decision making.

The Awareness of the Mesentery allows for the sensations of The Gut to become a neutral exchange of information.  Neutral information does not cause reactivity, allowing for emotional stability.  This is Emotional Intelligence.

A fan-like structure that connects all organs related to the breakdown and processing food into energy: the stomach, liver, pancreas, kidneys, small and large intestines.

Connects to the central nervous system and to the Brain.

“You think with the Brain

Discover with the Mind

Create emotions with the Heart

And feel with the Gut” -YEL

Wearing your Dog Tags will create a vibrational signature to send out the frequencies of their Intent.

"Awareness is Self-Empowerment." -YEL

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