Soul’s Joy Song Canvas Gallery Wrap

Soul’s Joy Song Canvas Gallery Wrap

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Kokopelli is a Native American symbol for creating Joy through singing and dancing.  By doing something fun as such, the chemical Dopamine gets released throughout the body.  Dopamine as a chemical helps a HU-man stay motivated to do fun things and by doing so, have a happier life.

THATVibe Life’s Soul’s Joy Song symbol has the purpose of increasing the Vibration of Joy at the Soul level.  It is through Dopamine production that the nervous system communicates between nerve cells.  Dopamine is how we feel pleasure; giving us the ability to plan, focus and feel that life is interesting and fun.

THATVibe Life’s Soul’s Joy Song adds to the Native American KoKopelli’s flute a specific song, represented by the small symbol at the end of it.  This a soul song a of the Higher Consciousness and a Centered Ego.

Kokopelli is pushing with the foot (thus grounding) this new Soul Song.  A song that creates Dopamine to help us stay motivated and engaged with life.

The canvas art has three purposes:

Cleanse: Good for spiritually-designated areas and to clear entryways by neutralizing low vibrations and frequencies.

Restore: Love-based symbols.  Good for harmony and balance.  Suited for social and gathering spaces.

Flow: Symbols for movement. Unblocks energetic stagnation.  Good for all creative spaces and businesses.

"Art is the ultimate expression of a feeling." -YEL

.: 100% Cotton fabric
.: Wooden frame
.: High image quality and detail
.: For indoor use