The Elementals Dog Tag
The Elementals Dog Tag

The Elementals Dog Tag

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Faeries, also called Elementals, are the Beings that hold reality together. They hold the atoms and quantum particles, and so they are the builders of physical form.

THATVibe Life calls these types of Beings or Consciousness “Quantum Field Angels” or “Quafians”.

Quafians use symbols to create a channel of communication between the HU-man and the reality they want to create.

By carrying the Five Elementals symbol, you create Awareness for yourself and others of a spirituality-based reality; one of intent and responsibility.

The symbol acknowledges the Consciousness of Five Quafians by color and name as well as The Element within your body they are responsible for.

The Five Faeries or Quafians are:

Sofia: green rectangle representing Element Earth.  She guides the atomic and subatomic components of the body and reality.

Roshwen: yellow rectangle representing the Element Air.  She guides the distribution and accumulation of Oxygen within the body and cells. Oxygen ignites the God mind or Higher Consciousness.

RainFa: the outward spiral representing the Element Ether; the process of awakening to  Evolution.  She is the guardian of the human quest. The rainbow is her signature.

Fialka: purple triangle representing the Element Fire, the energy for mental processes. She purifies the thinking, restores vitality through the Divine Fire of the Purple Flame. The male energy within.

Ophelia: blue triangle, representing the Element Water.  She restores physical emotions. The female energy within.

Wearing your Dog Tags will create a vibrational signature to send out the frequencies of their Intent.

"Awareness is Self-Empowerment." -YEL

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